Radio Player Live is also compatible with Microsoft Edge (Chromiun) available in Dev / Canary version on the site Microsoft Edge Insider.

Radio Player Live

For Google Chrome and Opera.

Get the latest version (3.1.31)
Install for Chrome
Version (3.1.29)
Install for Opera

Popup Status

Choose a radio station from the list of stations already in the extension.

Contextual menu

Add new radio stations directly from the context menu.


Easily import backup of your personal radio stations, with just a few clicks.


Manage pre-stored radio stations simply and efficiently. You can partially or completely hide the playlist.


Export your personal radio stations in just a few clicks.

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Working in heavy silence is sometimes very painful. So of course with Spotify everything becomes wonderful but some of you may not like the service or just prefer these good old radios. Well if that’s the case, then Radio Player Live is the solution for you since this extension for Google Chrome will allow you to listen to all the radios of your choice in a few clicks. All with a lot of customization options and a ton of extra features.

Once the extension is installed, a new icon will appear in the toolbar of your favorite browser. Clicking on it will bring up the embedded player in the tool. Although you can take it easy, you can start by adding personal radio stations that you want to listen to and you will have to take a look in the options of the tool. And there, it’s still very damn good:

  • Add the radio manually. And so by giving it a name and indicating the link pointing to the audio stream (MRL / MP3 / AAC format). If you wish, it is also possible to personalize your radio by adding its logo as well as its website.
  • From the gallery. In order not to disturb Ms. Michu (we all have a Ms. Michu in our backsides, moreover), the extension also includes a gallery of radios in which you can hide the stations that do not interest you. Or better, to hide all the stations except yours.
  • From a website. Another very clever feature. Indeed, it is also possible to go to specialized sites like Shoutcast or Radionomy to pick up our stations. In order to make our lives easier, the extension will also display a button next to each of them (or via the context menu) which will be sufficient to click.

Not bad is not it ? Yes, and it should also be noted that the extension will also allow you to import and export your stations (for export, this will be done in JSON format) just to make it easier for you still a little more life.

Once you have configured your application with onions, all you have to do is click once again on the Radio Player Live button and select the radio of your choice.